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Camélys - Driving assistance

11.45 usd

Reduce your fuel consumption with Camélys eco-driving mobile app.Camélys inform you about your driving style through a trip score (eco-driving rate) and 3 smileys (breaking, acceleration and speed) displayed in real time.
Improving this score is also reducing your consumption and saving money displayed in real-time for each trip.
As a real driving assistant app, Camélys keeps you informed of your arrival time at destination.
→ All Camélys app features in detail:
- Eco-driving indicator- Cost of trip and saving in accordance with your driving- Estimated arrival time- Assistance when car breakdown- Automatic SMS sending option (to a contact) of your vehicle location during the trip- Vehicle fuel consumption follow-up- Speed, mileage, driving time per trip- Professional mileage- Trailer or caravan mileage- All trips or individual trip statistics (data – figures)
All the key data of your trips are available on the Apikod website if you want to create your account by entering your email address from your smartphone. These data can be exported at any time to be visible on an Excel spreadsheet.
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